Saturday, 15 October 2011

Day 13 Bingin

As usual we awoke to sounds of the waves lapping the shoreline. They were not loud crashing waves, so my husband knew the surf at Impossibles was not really big this morning. He would wait until after breakfast & find somewhere else to surf.

For breakfast this morning I tried the pancakes with apple & cinnamon & just had to pour over some of that palm sugar syrup. The kids couldn't go past having the coconut milk porridge with banana & cinnamon again & hubby had his usual omelette with the lot.

After breakfast, hubby went surfing with the owner Mario to Green Balls, a surf break on the southern tip of the Bukit Peninsular, further south of Uluwatu.

Today I didn't leave the Temple Lodge. The kids & I spent the day lazing around the pool, swimming, reading & generally just chilling out.

For lunch we had the mie goreng

& then the kids played with the dogs while I read a book on the day bed.
Mow the cat curled up next to me for a cat nap.

Then my daughter hopped up for a little rest as well.

At 2.30pm the boys came back from surfing, lucky for me as I had a 3pm appointment in the spa for a facial. I would of been disappointed to miss out on my facial because he was still surfing!

The facial started with a massage & I would of enjoyed more if I had of not started getting a cold. My nose started running profusely & began to drip into the lovely bowl of flowers on the floor - yuck! By the time my facial started I had started sneezing.... not as relaxing as I expected!

After my facial I checked out one of the other rooms - the Driftwood Suite. Its a lovely suite with a king size 4 poster bed & outdoor bathroom....situated right next to the pool.

Late afternoon we drank cold Bintangs, sitting on the sun lounges facing the ocean and watched the sunset which looked like molten lava melting in the sky.

At dinner tonight the kids had some pasta with a tomato & pesto sauce followed by some chai ice cream. They went to bed early again allowing us another kid free dinner. Tonight our dinner was soto ayam (spicy chicken soup) followed by tuna kebabs, tempeh salad, snake beans with chilli & garlic and saffron rice. Dessert was a pineapple & mint salad. Tonight I had a glass of sav blanc with my dinner. Didn't get the brand, but think it was from Chile & was quite nice.

Tonight is our last night at the Temple Lodge, so I go back to the room & start getting things organized for tomorrow.

Some more photos of the Temple Lodge....

Location:The Temple Lodge

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