Monday, 10 October 2011

Day 12 in Bingin

Like most mornings we all rise early & have an hour or more to wait before the kitchen is open for breakfast.

We relax on the massive day bed that faces the ocean & read - it is so big, you have climb up onto it & has plenty of overstuffed cushions.... it can fit our family of four. Last year I found it too hot to sleep in the mozzie netted bed, so I snuck out & slept on the day bed using a sarong as my cover.

For breakfast this morning I try the exotic coconut milk porridge with banana & cinnamon, drizzled with palm sugar. My son try's a mouthful & wishes he had ordered it too. My daughter has the fruit salad & home made bread and declares the home made strawberry jam is the best she's ever tasted. She orders it for a snack one afternoon too. The juices are just amazing... So far we have tried the Vata Balancing drink - banana, dates, cinnamon & coconut milk. Tropical Row - mango, coconut & banana. Vitamin C Bomb - papaya, orange & mango. Bone Builder - orange, dates, tahini & cinnamon. Raw Choco Dream - banana, raw cacao, oats & honey. They also made a lovely chai coffee with milk & spices. One afternoon I started to get a cold & the girls made me a traditional ginger lemon honey tea.

After breakfast the kids walk back to our suite and see the monkeys have come for a visit. They come up the cliff & walk along the coral stone wall trying to steal a glass voile. We try taking a few photos, but it's hard as they don't sit still for long. I catch one in flight by sheer chance. The staff bring a sling shot out to chase them away.

We walk down the 174 or so steps to the beach & have a swim on low tide. We meet up with Hubby who has been surfing and he takes us up to the warungs to visit some Balinese friends he met when he stayed at Bingin 25 years ago. They cant believe how much the kids have grown since last year.

Back to the Temple Lodge for lunch. I order the macrobiotic bowl which is a brown rice salad with tofu, roasted seeds, veggies & herbs, seasoned with cider vinegar & sesame oil. Served with a miso/tahini sauce. Yum!

After lunch we take a walk to check out another lodge. This one is called Mu and it's owned by a German fellow. It is bigger than the Temple Lodge & doesn't seem as intimate, however it still looks lovely. Theres an infinity pool overlooking the ocean & elevated bales with day beds are scattered throughout the property.

This afternoon I have an hr massage in the day spa. It is just wonderful and I nod off halfway through.

For dinner we join the other guests at the communal dining tables & listen to the interesting stories from Mario & Cristiana, the owners. They moved from South Africa 5 years ago & built this place from scratch. Apparently Mario doesn't like right angles, so all of the buildings have curved walls.

Tonight we share our table with some interesting people from around the globe. A Swiss couple, a French man & his Irish wife, and 2 ladies from the States. We all share stories about our lives and our love affair with Bali and the surrounding areas.

Our meal tonight is penne pasta with mushrooms & ricotta, seared tuna with roasted pumpkin salad & jam tart. So much food, I can never finish it all!

We fed our kids earlier at Kumbang Kuning bungalows a few doors down & they were in bed before 7.30pm allowing us a kid free dinner!

After dinner we retire to our day bed listening to the waves lapping the shoreline..... Ahhhh total bliss!

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  1. Great read thanx , Look like a great place to visit , I will put it on my todo list .